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Thinking about selling my miata for something a bit larger (LS400 comes to mind)

-Black and tan with black hardtop
-HT is freshly painted with headliner and defroster. But the top does have orange peel.
-Megan ez-streets
-Panasport FS's 15x7 et 38 with hub centric 25mm spacers on 205/50/15 ventus's
-Polk db651 in the doors with a 200w 2 channel amp mounted behind passenger seat. Eclipse double din head unit.
-Sonicmotor vs3 seats mounted on stock rails
-Old school Racing beat powerpulse intake
-Raceland headers
-Racing beat power pulse exhaust
-H4 65w bulbs (brands new)
-replica gv lip
-FM rail reinforcements
-Grant steering wheel
-Sun visor delete plates
-relatively new oem clutch and lightweight 9lb flywheel.

Sorry if this is a bit garbled, I'm writing this from my phone. I can post pics later if needed too.

The car has been maintained really well.. With the exception of a new speedometer cable needed soon. The front driver's side fender was also crushed in but has been pulled back. Doesn't look 100% but I have a used red fender ready to go on, I've just been too lazy to paint it. Fenders are rolled flat.

Eh let's see what else.. Oh the power steering and ac have been deleted.

That and I cannot part the hardtop because the car doesn't have a softtop. The HT is also bolted in on the sides. I have all plates and latches too if they're needed.

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