92 na $400

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Im giving up on my project no room or time for it
1992 around 167k
no a/c no powersteering manuel rack
completly gutted jus two stock seats stock steering wheel cut dash with hood guage and cluster
bought it got ripped off cause theres something wrong with wiring or electric im not sure tried fixing it couldnt figure it out so took it to machanic around my block and he could fix it either some machanic said he doesnt know electrical stuff:/
change coil spark plug ecu and some other stuff but still nothing
it starts up and drive when it wants just sometimes
when given gas it dies out so suggest tow it
did compression test all 4 around 140
i have all the proper paper work to register it at dmv just never did cause it never drove right
im losing out on alot but got my tax return so i just wanna get rid of this thing and get a new car

will come with black trunk
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