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Hey all!
Weekend before finals so I figured I'd procrastinate a bit and finally throw up an intro thread :)

Here's my baby

Not the best picture, but since it's gorgeous out I'll post up some more pictures tomorrow :)

She's a 92 with 90k miles, no rust and ready to be built into a nice little track car. Previous owner was a nice little old lady who had no clue what she had. Worked out both well and badly. Well in that I got a good price, badly in that it's rolling on a set of tires from 1994 and she had no idea what maintenance the mazda dealer did to it when she took it in every year. It's pretty bare, no PS or AC, and the owner before her obviously had started to do some fun things to it. Short shifter, wheel, intake, and headers to name a few.

Biggest thing since I'm in michigan is that there is beyond minimal rust, only a spot on the inside of the driver rocker panel and a little on the front sways (but those won't be on there for too long ;) )
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