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location: Central NJ
contact: PM or cell

I want to sell or trade for a Daily driver stock car that s worth equal value or less. I will not put money on top. You can put money on top to make a deal fair though. Do not waste my time. I need a DD to get to work and back. like a 2002 4 door accord or something reliable.

1993 Miata LE

New rear diff at 160k
power windows refurbished (they are fast now)
Power steering
Power mirrors
cruise control
reupholstered seats
refinished dashboard
redone gauge hood
new shifter turret bushing
clutch / flywheel / timing belt, TOB at 160k
recently did all trans and diff fluids with RedLine ATF
Just did Mobil1 Synth 5w30
new PCV valve
MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel with hub
Nardi short throw shifter
tweeters in headrest . "thumpers" in the back rests (these arent hooked up, but they work)
Alpine headunit with ipod hookup in the glovebox
XXR 513's all around 15x8 (look new)
Falken Ziex (4,000 miles on them)
Comes with 2 extra Kuhmo tires
GarageStar Hardtop side latches powdercoated black
Freshly painted black hardtop (no defrost/headliner) Excellent cond.
new windshield
about 1 year old headlights
new front turn signals (the long front lights) old ones were cracked
"M" exhaust with cat-delete
Brand new BOSCH 02 sensor
new plugs and wires (bosch)
new t-stat
new upper rad hose
60k treatment ( valve cover gasket and other maintenance stuff, all new belts)
New shift boot came with seats being redone
new stock air filter (STP) 1 month old
stainless steel brake lines
Stock NA6 shift knob (its heavier and shifts smoother than the LE edition)
D2 Racing coil-overs. the 38-way adjustable ones. Some say they ride hard... I like them.
HardDog M1 Hardcore Hardtop roll-bar with harness bar ($550 new)
Just got a Win-Toe alignment with new wheels/tires
fenders rolled and slightly pulled. No paint cracks
So much more but I cant remember it all!

it's a 20 year old car so it has normal dings and scratches
front bumper was repainted and has a couple paint cracks
a/c is "cool" not "cold" (it's a convertible.. I just take the top off and never use the a/c)
No soft top included. It looks sooo much better like this. If you keep the soft top in while the hardtop is on, it looks like you always have a folded mattress in the back.


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Sad to see you get rid of this. KBB is saying around $2,600 for "good" condition in my area. But I'd say you could easily ask $3,200 with the price NA's have been going for lately. Sure the miles are higher, but the car is super clean. If I were you, I'd honestly sell the hardtop, put the soft top back in and pocket the rest of the money. Since these cars always go up in price around spring time, I think you'd have an easier time getting full asking price if it's in "convertible" mode :lol: You could probably also get more for the car if you were to just include both soft top and HT.

Whatever you ask, I'd say stay firm on it because apparently these cars (especially NA's) are in high demand and going for much more than their actual value.

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I was thinking 4,500 firm. Am I crazy?

Hardtop is about 900
Rollbar is 550 new
coils are 650ish used
wheels/tires are about 500 used
restored Red LE interior is money
Plus a ton of parts and work into this car

Well post up your trades people! Someone has a Hyndai Elenatra they dont want

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They are high but the car runs awesome. I drive it everyday and put 20k on it in about 3/4 of a year. I work in New Brunswick now and the car will absolutly get destroyed if i keep it. I need to get rid of it or trade for a DD. The roads by Rutgers/rt18/rt1 are like a war zone. I can;t even ark in my employee parking lot.. I get hung up on frame rails.

Someone save this car.
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