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White 1993 Miata for sale.

· 5K miles on installed 1.6.
· T3 turbo installed w/ stainless down-pipe and stainless cat-back exhaust. Zero lag from 3500 rpm.
· MS PNP management.
· Electronic boost control (currently 9#) provided by PNP.
· Innovate LC-1 wide band sensor and controller.
· CXRacing aluminum racing radiator.
· Cooling reroute performed with a Meziere inline thermostat housing.
· Flying Miata Happy Meal clutch/flywheel.
· 1.8 six-speed transmission.
· 1.8 drive shaft/rear end/axles.
· Helical LSD (works great).
· Additional digital water temp. gauge/sensor.
· Boost gauge.
· Racing Beat front sway bar.
· Koni Yellows with coil overs.
· Modular cat installation. Unbolt the off-road cat and bolt in the street cat after racing (both included).
· V8 Roadster frame rails.
· Working AC.
· Straight sheet metal.
· 204K on chassis (in very good condition); no rust; top in very good condition
· $300 car cover included (3 months old w/ 5 year warranty).
· Paint chipped on the right side when someone got too close with the pressure washer.
· Great autocross car and a well mannered, reliable daily driver.

The car is located in Orange County, CA.


You can contact me at [email protected] (email works better than PM).


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