94-97 Miata Owners w/Carbon Fiber MonsterFLow Intakes

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Just an update from another thread, for those with this intake, i emailed Brian @ Good-Win-Racing about his great looking part, here is the responce.

PhatMiata said:
hey Brian,

there has been some discussion on our forum about your MonsterFlow Carbon Fiber Intake Kits. I have one i bought from you a few years ago, really love the look/quality/weight of it. And some of the guys on the forum are also interested in them, but someone said you dont make then anymore? is that true? please respond so i can let the guys know either way.
Brian @ Good-Win-Racing said:
Hi Randy,

Thanks for asking. Yes, we stopped making the Carbon Fiber for the 94-97 application. The spike in oil prices made carbon nearly impossible to get and demand was not high enough to continue production. The less expensive rotationally molded version was out selling the carbon by 20 to 1...

Brian GoodwinGood-Win
So there you have it folks, straight from the man himself. If you happened to buy one of these while they were in production, consider yourself lucky. Its now on the rare parts list.



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