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ran into a problem and i most likely have to sell my car. =(

i bought it in the middle of january here in san deigo. previous owner already had it smogged. when i bought it, i registered it in my homestate of georgia so i didnt have to worry about emissions and smog. i still have the cali plate if you need it. i installed RS*R exhaust with a straight pipe(it will not pass smog now because of the straight pipe) but i still have the cat, it is in the trunk.

car has the normal dings from age and has the dents in the front bumper from the license plate bracket. there is paint also chipping a little on the front bumper. car has about 117600+ miles. it is still my daily and the mileage will go up. it has 2 week old tien basics installed with slotted rotors. brand new. we can take off the wheels if you dont believe me. the wheels are very rare smoothies, and the only reason they are so rare is because of the 4x100 lug pattern. it has a harddog double diagonal roll bar, and a very good condition hardtop. interior is stock and looks very good for the age.

-15x8 Smoothies with center caps +6 in the rear and +19 in the front(with 1/4in spacers for the fronts) with BRAND NEW TIRES
-HardDog Double Diagonal Rollbar
-Black OEM hardtop with headliner and defrost
-Brand new Tein Basics
-RS*R catback exhaust(includes silencer)
-Straight Cat(OEM Cat is included)
-Slotted rotors
-Convertible top boot cover in black. great condition

I also have a brand new never used Nakamae dash cover for the 90-93 miata dash and a Nakamae ignition cover, both are black and included with the sale of the miata(even though it has the original 94 dash, i was eventually going to go with a 90-93 dash to use the pad)

Now i am really trying my best NOT to sell this car as i love it dearly, but if my personal issues keep at where they are, i have no choice but to let her go. there will be absolutely NO parting out or selling anythign seperate. If you want just one thing, buy the whole car and part it out yourself.

I have a clean and clear title in hand, ready to be signed over.
Price is $5000 Cash.

As i said, i am going to try to do everthing i can to NOT sell this car, but as of right now, she is for sale. :cry:

Pm me if interested or if you have any questions.

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fellow san diegan here.
that's one hot NA, especially the wheels.

BTW, what wheels are those? i didnt see you mentioned anything about it.
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