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I'm selling my 94 miata,ive put alot of work and heart into it.
-Has fully adjustable STANCE GR + coilovers (cost me $1300) 16 way adjustable damping and can lower or higher the car to your preference.
-This is the year they dropped a 1.8 in instead of the 1.6 in the 93 and older miatas.they also put larger rotors,break pads,and the differential(believe it has lsd)
-The interior is clean and in good shape,
-Runs very strong and is a very reliable car,it has never left me stranded.
-top is only 2 years old
-strut bar
-speakers run off of a amp in the back,it uses no deck to reduce theft,it runs off a ipod or mp3 player,easily can put a deck back in if you wish.
-sub ready
-A/C and heater work perfectly
-wizdom side skirts and rear bumper
-Re-1 front bumper
-R model rear spoiler
-have stock front bumper
-have stock exhaust aswell
-Needs a front right wheel bearing as it makes whining noises when its cold.(not mandatory if you can stand the noise in the cold)
-front bumper has a crack from being low as well as the side skirts.

Car runs great and healthy,it wont leave you stranded.
Car is currently very low but is easily raised since it has fully adjustable can put it back to stock or go even lower.

If interested please call me at (661)547 30-76
Im asking $4300 OBO


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Trade for a roll bar? I know you want one.

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