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94 r package sway bars (1.8)

Looking for at least 24mm 1.8 front sway bar. Also selling 3 sway bars i don't need (can't use / don't need)

I have an 1.6 sway bar (eibach), didn't know it made a difference when i bought it. So it's basically just a paperweight to me. :x

I also have r package front sway bar (for the 1.8) and rear bar for sale. Maybe you autocross guys can use to stay in stock class??

I can buy your sway bar straight up (1.8 front 24mm), or trade, or trade both my front sway bars (and rear sway bar if you want). Both of mine are used, the r package ones are rusty, i can clean it up and paint it. And the other one i have is an eibach for a 1.6. Basically i don't need either of my front sway bars or the rear sway bar *r package bars*, so if you just want to buy one or both of them that's fine as well. (looking to sell both r package bars as a pair)

$100 shipped for just the front 1.6 eibach sway bar. $160 for all 3 shipped. R package sway bars shipped $100.

Let me know what you have to offer, or what you want. PLEASE let me know if that just confused you^ i'll try and make it more understandable. :mrgreen:


I bought front and rear sway bars for my r package car (eibachs). They are for the 1.6l. I need a 1.8 sway bar for the front (24mm is what i kinda want). So i'm selling my r package sway bars, and the front 1.6 sway bar. Or trade.

Pictures of the eibach 1.6 bar next to the 1.8 r package bar.

Getting a picture of the rear r package sway bar is totally possible, but not for a few days, as it's Christmas and i have stuff to do. Plus it's still on the car.
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