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Right now it just isn't practical for me to have this in my car and I could use the money elsewhere. Im looking to sell everything together but I may separate stuff for the right price.

Im only shipping to the US, unless the buyer wants to pay extra to have it shipped out of the country.

What I'll include
-Vacuum hose
-USB to serial adapter that is Mac compatible
-GM closed element IAT with pigtail installed in coupler. (easy to remove if need be)
-Innovate LC-1 wideband with blue, digital wideband gauge, red status LED and On/off calibration button

There will be no instructions because everything is on Innovate, Megasuirt and Diyautotune's site.

All of the software is also available online because I do not have the CDs and the 9495 base map with MAF will be uploaded to restore it to how it is out of the box.

Logworks and LM Programmer for LC-1


Tuner Studio (Mac Compatible)

MSPNP (pics from PO)

LC-1 (Stock photo since I wont be removing it until it sells. I can send pics of anything installed upon request though via text or email.)

(Will have everything pictured except for CD unless I find it but like I said, the software is on their website.)

Im Looking to get $575 shipped to the lower 48 States. Anywhere other than that you can message me your address and Ill adjust my price accordingly and give you a quote. I will entertain any serious, reasonable offers but it's already priced to sell.

Feel free to PM me, email [email protected] or text me at 7579185848.
I check all frequently but text is probably the quickest way to get a hold of me.

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Man this is an awesome deal! Someone jump on this!
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