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Hello Everyone,

This summer I'm going to be pulling my engine and doing a complete rebuild/refresh, add a set of ITBs, more compression. Of course I have tons of questions since this is the first time tearing down a BP engine. What I'm shooting for is roughly 130-150whp. The list ive built so far is:

  • Stock bottom end (Id like to know what the key differences id get if I went VVT, But more than likely will keep the same block)
  • 50MM ITB (Borla, Maruha, TWM?)
  • .060 shaved off the block
  • Head skim (maybe a mild port)
  • Maruha cam set (IN 252* EX 264*)
  • Racing Beat Header
  • Upgraded oil pump
  • Upgraded water pump

I'm not sure what injectors i should go with as well as a possible fuel pump upgrade? Again, This is a first so work with me if I'm not making sense.

I really appreciate the help!!
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