95 Chassis, 5-speed, Torsen LSD

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I have a 95 chassis on wheels along with a 5-speed transmission and a Torsen LSD rear diff.
There's also a bunch of miscellaneous parts that I have, but too much to list.

Chassis is clean and asking $400
5-speed transmission (50K miles) $250
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (10K miles) $100
Torsen LSD 4:10 gears $750

picture album

If this stuff doesn't get picked up soon I'm taking it to the crusher. If you get the transmission I'll give you the clutch for free. If you decide you want the whole enchilada we can make a deal both of us will be happy with.

Located in San Diego, CA

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shame to waste a straight frame... want to pick it up to frankenzuki a motor and trans into it.
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