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Ok guys, I'm seeing how much a customer of mine can sell his mother-in-law's car for since she won't be back out on the road again :mrgreen: . Here's the stats he told me off the bat:

1995 Laguna Blue
Automatic #-o
~71k miles
Power Windows
Power Steering
Cold A/C (just serviced)
New tires
New Radiator and flushed cooling system
New valve cover gasket
New plugs
Tan leather interior
Garage kept
He rates it as Good condition, but I have yet to see it in person, plus he's a little modest when it comes to things. I'm in FL so I know the price may vary between the states or regions. Anyone in the SE region care to chime in? Thanks guys

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Worthless to me with that automatic, but i would suggest goin on and see what other people are askin.
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