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So im sorta debating on selling my car. I may get rid of it for the right price. Im asking $6000 obo. Being that the turbo kit alone is $4200+ i feel this isnt a terrible deal. Plus the wheels are just baddd as a mother so that is going to bump the price. but anywho.

233k body
73k motor
Hard top
Panda Garage seat
sparco cam lock
Momo wheel. gangster as a mother
QR and hub
Tein SS coils (brand new)
suspension arms are newer and have poly bushings
Corksport exhaust
has a high flow cat
FM hydra nemesis turbo kit
6 puck unsprung clutch
light weight flywheel
15x10 -12 aero super lites (cant get these in the US)

Bad: Paint isnt very nice. clear is coming off something fierce.
rear brakes need pads
tranny sounds pretty terrible if i have for long enough that is getting replaced.
hardtop is primer
could use a new tune. It breaks up at idle but runs fine when its driving. fast and fun as poop

pics: its been raining so ill get new ones tomorrow.


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so far the car has been to the dyno once. Its has a GT25rs turbo at 8psi. When it was being tuned the gas tank wasn't venting correctly so they were unable to continue tuning it. It makes 190whp right now with a base base tune. they said 220 is no problem on 8psi and on 12 FM estimates 256 which is more then I want on a stock block.
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