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The time has come to sell my car, I bought a 911 in November and just have not had the time to enjoy this car. It has a great list of mods and I am torn between selling it as a whole or parting it out. I'll do my best to list the mods off the top of my head, I have had this car for six years so I'm sure that I am forgetting some stuff. I've been out of the Miata community for awhile so I'm not really sure what it is worth.

Engine / Drivetrain:
1.8 w/ 118k miles
Exhintake Cam Mod
2.5" Exhaust with Magnaflow resonators
Flyin Miata Aluminum Radiator
Innovate LC-1 Wideband w/ Gauge
Megasquirt PNP 1 (uninstalled)
Stainless Intake w/ 02 bung (uninstalled)
Maruha 4kg? Flywheel (uninstalled)

OEM hardtop with headliner / defrost
Blackbird Fabworx Single Diagonal Roll Bar in white
Fender Braces (homemade but similar to Garagestar style)
Mazda Comp Motor Mounts
Garagestar Master Cylinder Brace

JDM Checkered Floormats
1.6 Dash Swap
1.6 Black Loop Carpet
Revlimiter Warbird Gauges
Innovate LC1 Gauge
Garagestar Console Delete Carpet
Rebuilt Shifter w/ Tomei Shift knob
Works Bell Short Hub
Nardi Classic 330mm
Recaro SPG drivers side
Bimarco seat passenger side
Sabelt 6 Point Harnesses

Exterior / Suspension:
Work Meister 15x9 15x10 w/ 225 R888 (need to be replaced)
Extended Studs / 949 Aluminum Lugs
BC Coilovers w/ Roadster drift valving
Flyin Miata Swaybars w/ Super Miata Endlinks
Carbon Miata Flares
Rear Bumper Cut
GV Style Lip
Garage Star License Plate Mount


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Modified vehicle>remove aftermarket parts>reinstall OEM parts>sell aftermarket parts>sell car>decent return

That is always my opinion. You just lose too much selling out right and unless you are in a pinch and have NO TIME TO SPARE then it just makes more sense to do the above.
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