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Just doing a little spring cleaning to clear up some room in the garage and finish up some projects. Shipping is not included in any of the prices below. Please PM or email me at ishroadkill[at]

'99 Intake Manifold: SOLD!

Koni Race Dampers (rear): $250
Same as sold here:

Flyin Miata Heat Shield from FMII kit: SOLD!

Front Upper Control Arms w/ Delrin bushings: SOLD!

A/C system from '95 (everything minus fan): $150

'99 Nardi Steering wheel: $75

Misc Parts
94-96 MAF (2 available): $40ea
94-95 Fuel Rail: $25
94-95 Fuel Injectors: $30 for set
94-95 PS pump, reservoir and lines: $50
90-95 Air guide/grill (plastic part behind the bumper), cracked tab: $20
1.8 OEM Rods: $50 for set
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