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Some of you may have read through my little Outback project:

But guess what? I totally sold it. :haiguyths: I got to keep the roof rack, lights, and winch, so really all I did was sell a stock Outback, get to keep all the cool bits, and buy this instead:

Yep, time to do truck stuff.

2001 Ford (Danger) Ranger Edge
4.0 V6

The PO had it go into repo after he lost his disability check. Kinda hard to draw disability when you get caught doing roofing...but oh well... hahaha

This truck is very clean and as such, I fully intend on keeping it that way on a daily basis. The Subaru got too beat up. Don't think I'm not taking it fact, it's already been out in the woods and sits dirty as is...but I plan on daily driving this for at least four years (it's a 48 month loan, lol) so I need to keep care of it! The only blemish I could find is the peeling clear on the front, and a leaky oil pan gasket.

So as soon as I got it home, I got some spray on textured bedliner and went to work breaking up the red. (The paint is in great shape, but it's just so RED! lol)


In the process, I had this to deal with...yay... Some car dealer in 2001 probably thought this was a great idea

But it came off after much care!

After. Flares, lower 4", and rear bumper got the treatment. Front end is next but I ran out of stuff.

Soooooooooooooooo this is where it sits after two days:
-OEM fogs swapped out for LED units w/ yellow film
-20" light bar in a temporary spot up front
-Bedliner on flares, trim, & bumper

Happy fall!


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Pushrod or SOHC? The SOHC motors have Audi levels of timing chain bastardization going on, combined with notoriously tempermental tensioners. Good motors otherwise. I had an '05 Mustang with one, it was a smooth torquey engine if nothing else.

That's a super clean truck though, can't wait to see what you do with it. Kinda sad to see the Outback gone though.
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