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You all have been so welcoming and amazingly informative & supportive of me, helping me make my IRTB dreams come tru, Ive been trying to figure out a way to say thank you.

Mr.;) Allen, I am setting up a paypal account and can make a small cash donation by this weeks end and then will try and bump that as my cash flow allows(don?t quit yer day job!) but at the same time, Ive been trying to think of what info can I share that could help *ALL* of you who have shared so much great IRTB info with me.
(I gotta give a special shout out to moto_bruce and Jimmy!)

Ok this is all I got when it comes to cars that I feel qualified to share that may help you guys out.

Thru research, homework and most of all, flat out time in the seat, redlining it, tryin and testing I have managed to quite successfully stealth my car out against the po po?s radar and laser?s.

So sharing w/my fellow leadfoots, here are some links to forums that are excellent if you want to research the latest and greatest counter speed enforcement detection technology:


This site and group of guys is, imo, the undisputable best source of *real* world testing. They are unsponsored and therefore, unbiased in testing and results. While I may find some of the ways they post their findings slightly confusing, the end results have been priceless in choosing what detector and laser jammer to run(or shall I say WOT) with.


Overall, a great forum with TONS of excellent discussions and info on everything from Jammers, Detectors to other devices such as CBs, Scanners, Veil, Speed traps, State laws, how to fight tickets, etc etc.,. As with any forum, you will always have some ranters. Also, I suggest be wary of those who are so blindly loyal to one device simply because they own it & are blind to its weaknesses.

and last but not least, kinda interesting to read the po po's point of view. Not as useful as the above but, good to check in see what?s on their mind:


And when time comes for me to upgrade my equipment, there is only one place/person I will buy thru.

That?s RadarRoy at:

I have no affiliation(I WISH!) with Roy other then buying my gear from him. Look and you will find his prices are very competitive. You may find it cheaper but as you read the forum you will find that high end or low, products can over time, need adjustments or repairs. Time and time again, you will read horror stories of people who dropped their hard earned cash only to have the seller shaft them when they needed customer service and guarantees. Roy is rock solid and will be there if you need him.

I welcome any questions and will do my best to help you stealth out your roadster but w/o a doubt, if you take some time to read and use the above links, you will GREATLY decrease your ticketability on those rare occasions, that you might, ?HIT IT? !

So, again, I thank you, you crazy IRTB lovin ClubRoadster forum members. You all rock!!


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