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Hi everyone,

My name is Stephen Gordon and as some of you might already I helped designed the AAC flush mount headlight system. We have sold and delivered over 50 kits and we are now ready to start selling the kit to the public!

I know a few people have seen the monsterous thread on (50000+ views well over 1000 replies). The thread has gotten out of control so I thought I would mention some of the pertinent info here.

We have two kits for sale at the moment the first kit is the basic kit and that comes with the carbon fiber buckets, the lexan clear covers, two aluminum brackets and all hardware to mount the kit as well as 14 clips to hold the clear covers on the buckets. This kit is 324.99

We then have the complete kit that comes with everything above + 4 hella 90mm headlights and our custom wiring harness with 4 h9 connectors. this wiring harness does not splice into any factory wires. This is a complete kit to have a working headlight system! This kit cost 589.99

You can also purchase a custom paint option from us as well as purchase the wiring harness sepratly if you want to buy the basic kit and already have your own lights.

I have a very extensive instalation guide which can be seen here. MIATA FLUSH HEADLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

to check out our website go to and click on the flash site and to see the miata portion of the website.

If you have any questions you can always call me at 504 452 8824 or email me at [email protected]

also be on the look out for two other carbon fiber miata headlights parts I will be making!

Also to plug Bill, Bill wilner and I are in talks of having him as one of our custom installers on the west coast. SO anyone who would not want to tackle this job themself could bring the kit to bill to have him install it!

Hope to see more miata first gen miata's running around with projectors!
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