About to order some Grid-V's - Help please!

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I am not a pro in the fitment scene and I don't want to buy something only to find out it wont fit/look right.

I have a 94 Miata lowered on coilovers that sat for years before I bought it. The factory tires are like.. falling apart. I want some new wheels and decided on the Grid-V's. Yes I know they are knockoffs and people are going to hate, but I got the car for a grand and its just a daily driver/fun project.

Anyways, I am thinking about going with the 195/50/15s on the 15x8 +0s. The closest I can find to our hub is 57.1mm. Is this going to create problems? Should I get some hubcentric rings?

Am I going to need anything else? Will my factory lugs/studs be alright?

Im assuming I will have to roll the fenders some which is no big deal, but they will fit fine Im assuming?

Thanks for the responses. I just want to be reassured before I hit that BUY button :eek:
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I understand how the fitment thread and others can be daunting to sift through so I'll throw ya a bone.
15x8 +0s with 195/50s is like, the bread and butter for Miatas 'round here.
You'll need your fenders rolled, but not pulled.
You'll need "tuner" lugs, they're smaller diameter designated for aftermarket wheels. I suggest Gorilla, fine by me but DO NOT buy 'em from JCWhitney, or else.
Get an alignment.
Voila, enjoy and post pics. :)
Thank you, Adam.

That's all I needed to know.

I went ahead and ordered 'em. Maybe I'll post some pics!
Glad I could help, +1 on making a build thread [Start the thread in the "Roadster Projects" subforum]
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