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A friend of mine gave me his old set of BBS RS 007. The only problem is that its 5x120. I found a website that makes the adapters. Anyone wants to give me the specs for 4x100 to 5x120? Hub size of the car? Not too sure on how to measure the big size on the wheels.. Any help on that too?? Lmk.

16x7 +25 offset
16x8 +25 offset
3 Piece wheels
1inch size center caps
dull gold (will restore them)
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If you found a good place to make the adapters they will know the hub bore of a miata . Look on the wheel for a sticker that shows the wheel size and offset . If there isn't a sticker some wheels stamp it on the back of the wheel . If that isn't there take a tape measure and try and get close as you can they look that up and see what is the closes .

As for the wheels run the rears on the front with a 25mm adapter and get a larger lip for the rear on the 7 . with the same adapter
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