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Alright so I've googled this and most results are in Club4AG. Someone had posted a link to a list of interchangeable TPSs but the page no longer exists. Someone there also mentioned that the silvertop (AE101) part number is the same as "2JZGTE, 3RZFE, 2RZFE, 5VZFE -> 89452-12080/22080." I figured it would be a helpful tool to have a full list of interchangeable TPSs for the silvertop and blacktop 4AGs.

As reference...

Silvertop 4AGE TPS part number: 89452-12080

Blacktop 4AGE TPS part number: 89452-12090

Not to mention, mine has gone bad and I'm not about to spend 120 bucks for an OEM one.
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