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200 shipping sounds about right. it's not cheap to ship something that big and it's not the lightest thing either. It's the only one I've seen that will actually ship it to you though.
Yeah, but for $1100, plus 200 shipping, is $1300.

The price of an overpriced local OEM top in the correct color for my car, with headliner and defrost, and Frankenstein bolts, and latches.


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I instantly assume most aftermarket hardtops are junk, but for the heck of it...

Anyone experianced with "VIS racing sports"?

Here's the link

They say it fits. :roll:
VIS is legit. Seibon is good too but I have always had good experiences with VIS. Fitment/finish/quality is spot on.

I have had the following VIS products:

1. CTR style carbon fiber wing (for my EP3)

2. CTR style carbon fiber front lip (for my EP3)

3. CTR style carbon fiber rear lip (for my EP3)

My friend with a DC5 has had

1. OEM style CF hood (for RSX)

2. OEM style CF hood (for RSX) *First one was stolen, so he bought another

3. ITR style cf wing (for RSX)

*I was about to get a VIS hardtop for my car but stubled on a OEM piece for 8 bills. It was a good deal and already black and had all the hardware included so I jumped on it. Otherwise it would have been the VIS.

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