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Can anyone provide an English review of the "Roadster Sports Magazine" AiR? Is it any good? Is it still published? How does it compare to Road&Ster? What should I expect to pay for good condition used issues?
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Kyle - it is nice - reads from left to right on this publication. You will not seee every tuner in there, but great pics and say, a lighter version of R&S. They do tend to have more info on the tuner cars - instead of say just one pic of the engine bay that you get in R&S. I have #1-7 I believe and still read them. Not sure AiR is still around. There were rumors about them closing down - but I do not know for certain.
Randy's sources say that AiR magazine is no longer!

I hope he's wrong!
AIR = RIP (#7 was the final issue)

I heard a story (I forget where) to the effect that News Pub, the publisher of R&S, felt threatened by AIR and demanded their R&S advertisers withdraw their ads from AIR (or else what?), causing AIR to go under.

Can anyone attest to that story?
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