air vent gauge installation. sizes compatibility?

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hiya, was wondering how many of you guys mounted gauges in the air vents and which sizes worked ?

52mm or 60mm ?

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I use 52mm which fits almost perfectly inside the cup that holds the vent ball.
cool thanks for all the replies guys, but has anyone tried to fit 60mm ones in it or not ?

i have my turbo kit coming in next week and i was kind of browsing different types of gauges, how easily can you read the 52mm ones ? i have a gauge cluster thing to mount three gauges on the passenger side dash. (the one from kg works) and i was wondering how easy it will b to read the gauges, or should i go with 60mm or 2 5/8" gauges... any input is greatly appreciated.
yeah 60mm fit! just remove the whole eyeball vent and put the gauge where it was. the 52mm fit with the eyeball bezel still in place.

(vent gauge is 60mm, center console gauges are 52mm)

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