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My car pulls to the left and i was wondering what it could be. All my tire pressures are good. idk if its me or what. but when i go up to a stop and am going really slow and i let go of wheel it seems to settle to wondering if its possible that one of my suspension components could have be damaged when i swapped struts.

i have lifetime alignment at firestone so going back and getting it to specs is no problem. they just told me it was my tires but i don't really believe them seeings as this is the 2nd time i went and first alignment was disgraceful. figured you guiz could help.

Left front ----- right front
camber -0.4 ----- -0.6
caster 4.3 ----- 4.4
toe 0.16 ----- 0.15

left rear ----- right rear
camber -1.o ----- -1.2
toe .15 ----- .16

thanks !
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