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Looking to get an alignment soon for my 2000 NB. Was wondering if you guys have recommendations for specific alignment specs for spirited street driving. My car is stock suspension wise, just a set of Kosei K1 wheels in OEM fitment (37 or 38 offset though) with the stock tires. Anyways maybe -1.5 all around? Dont want to sacrifice tire wear with excessive toe/camber so something mild and streetable but not stock either. Thank you for your advice.

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im running a modified version of the 949 alignment and I'm very happy with it.

camber -2.8 front, -2.5 back
caster 4.0
toe 0 front, .15 back

my rideheight is 11.75" front 12.25" back, with 205/50r15 all around on +13 offset rims.
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