Alternate radiator swaps?

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I plan on buying a bigger radiator for my miata before hitting the track during the summer. I have bad experiences with overheating cars. Preventative maintenance and upgrades save money.

But, I remember reading something about mounting a honda (possibly del sol) 3 core radiator in a miata to free up some space on both sides to run intercooler piping easily. Think it was, buy I can't find it again. :(
Have not been able to find any pictures of this setup though, even on that thread.

Have long term plans for possible FI. And this, plus certain types of intercoolers would reduce total piping a lot. And less piping means less volume, which means faster boost.
But it would also make a neat cold air, short ram intake, running it beside the narrow rad into the front opening.

Anyone seen something like this done, or done it yourself?
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If you plan on continuing to track the car after you add FI, the civic radiator will most likely not be enough. For large amounts of power and hard driving, a dual pass oem sized radiator and good ducting is required. For moderate power and 7/10th driving, an oem sized 2" radiator and good ducting is required. For 99% of street FI driving, an oem radiator and good ducting is required. Notice that ducting is required for all setups, it's a huge advantage.

I believe that civic setup was, if I were on a computer and not my phone I'd look for it. I don't recall if he did any track driving.
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