Another Exhaust Clip

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Here's a quick clip I shot tonight to show our exhaust note.

K&N + Custom intake
Povo Press bend cat back with a truck muffler 4mb
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more details on the exhaust please..where to get parts and how to make it. that sounds awesome as hell!!
I'll have to take some photos, it's about the cheapest cat back exhaust money can buy.
Reminds me of my honda :cry:

Pictures/weight/other random stuff that won't help because it's custom? :D
...Pictures/weight/other random stuff that won't help because it's custom? :D
Correct, but here's a few anyway :lol:

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Revlimit at 7200rpm? Is that normal?
I think it's spinning a little further because it's unloaded
Here's another clip with the car loaded up..
whoa kangaroo crossing. exhaust sounds pertty good.
Very nice exhaust sound.
I´ve been looking for a exhaust house to make me one, can´t find one here.
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