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Hello ? I am not new here, but it?s about time I did this.

Been on the forum for a few months now and have made a few posts.

The one post I am some what proud of is

You may have to go through a 10 Step Program to start posting here :)

Repeat after me

1- JDM is good if done well

2- You can have an opinion here

3- Experimenting is good

4- You can ask a stupid question here (you will also get stupid answers)

5 - After Market Body Kits can look good

6- You can paint your center consol

7- You will have to get used of not being flamed, smartass comments welcome

8 - We did not get upset when Mazda dropped the name Miata, it was always an MX-5 or Roadster

9 ? Europe and Australia have a MX-5 aftermarket too

10 ? Custom is GOOD

Now stick around and have fun
And the answer to all is I do not drive a PINK Miata. The actual colour (I speak Canadian) is VW Techno Blue.

Right now I am without my Miata as it is in the shop for a few months get a few options installed.

BEGi S3 GT2560 controlled by a LINK, Torsen (or RX-7 1st gen clutch LSD) Dif, FM Flywheel, MSM clutch, new top (blue), seats done in leather (blue/black ? like 10AE), Polished Stainless Hard dog Deuce, FM frame rails and an engine re-built plus a few other parts (think about double what I paid for the car).

My rides are a MX-5 ?92 and a Pontiac Sunrunner (i.e.Suzuki Tracker 2x4). I have had the Miata for about 6 years and have saved long and hard to pay for the mods (cash).

If you think I need more done to my car this winter PayPal donations are accepted :)

As for the name 'gwilo' ask anyone from Hong Kong what it means.
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