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Hi All,

I have been a Miata owner for 3 years now, but have been a fan since my neighbor got a 1997 STO. I’ve always wanted a Miata, and have owned a couple roadsters since: a bmw z3, an mr2 spyder, a z4m roadster but I finally got my first Miata: an ND1 RF GT 6 speed and it has been a blast. I added a supercharger as a pandemic project and I have loved every mile of it.

A couple months ago, that same STO neighbor and I were having a drink and we were talking about track cars. Now I track the ND, and it’s an awesome time, but I wanted something I could really go all out on in terms of a driver’s build. Which brings me to the 2001 BRG #665 sitting in his dad’s driveway, under two covers. A couple texts on the walk back to the house, and I had a number offer to buy. A couple of hours later, I owned a 2001 NB2. I’m really a fan of this car and the culture: from the staunch and serious drivers, to the commuters like me refusing to sit in a Tesla, to the kids scraping together and hunting down Craigslist finds to get their first proper sports car.

I split my time between the Bay Area and Bakersfield, with my ND up here and my BRG currently in Bakersfield. Hope to see some of you out on the road. Cheers!
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