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My old '94 Miata had finally hit 100,000 miles, and I was planning on taking a big trip this month and since I bought the car used... Even though the previous owner said the timing belt had been changed, with no documentation I wasn't going to take any chances.

So off to R-Speed I went.

Hector and Papa Joe were terrific to deal with, even with my crazy hours (dropped off and picked up the car wwaayyy after it was time for them to go home). Had the timing belt, water pump, major gaskets & O-rings, belts, hoses, thermostat and radiator cap all replaced. R-Speed's "performance" alignment oil changed and the tires balanced. On top of all that they cleaned the car up, vacuumed it out, adjusted a misaligned headlight cover (that I had been meaning to get around to for about a year
) and replaced a few randomly missing bolts and didn't charge me for it.

The car runs better than it ever has, and is probably cleaner than it has ever been. There were some things in the cup holder (like a key chain ring) that I'm guessing they found when they cleaned it. Had to be from the previous owner 'cause they weren't mine LOL. Unfortunately, I only got to drive it home because I to leave town for work that same night... So their might be more done than that I just haven't seen yet.

Long story short. I had heard nothing but good things about R-Speed and now I know why. I will definitely be an R-Speed customer again.

Thanks guys!!!!!!
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