April 28th - 30th - Miatas @ the Walter Mitty

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Drasp, i am sooooooooo gonna snipe your post, dont hate me, hahhaa .....

Guys.... im re-quoting this here because there are alot of us on this forum that might want to go. :D

d_rasp said:
Just got home from work and started leafing through my new issue of GRM - peep this:

The Walter Mitty's theme this year is Japanese Sports Cars! Mazda has signed on as the sponser & Miata folks from all over everywhere will be sure to be there! My Dad, Brother & I got up to Brian Redman vintage races each summer at Road America, but I've never made it to the Mitty.

Who's in?

Event Flyer

Sorry, I forgot to mention, it's @ Road Atlanta (for those of you not in the know.)
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Good call Phat, I was going to cross post it but totally forgot! :wink:
Cool! Several of us from the East Side Miatas of Tampa Bay will be there on Saturday. Hope to meet you there! PM me your cell phone number if you want.
My dad and step-mother went... My Miata club had a ride, so I didn't make Mitty... maybe next year.

Y'all post pics!!!
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