Attn 'Tater - Operation Mindcrime II is out!

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Don't know if anyone other than me and Pete will care, but... Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime II was released today!

I just got home from a run to Best Buy to pick it up. I made it through 10 tracks (of 17) and they are kick-ass! No more of the touchy-feely let's save the environment and help the world stuff from Tribe, Q2K and Hear. This is the good old Q'ryche like they should be!!

Some tracks have a Dream Theater feel to them, some a Dio feel! Geoff's voice sounds great, Rockenfield's drums hit hard, Stone, Wilton and Jackson's strings sound great too!

Pete - go snag it, its fantastic!!
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Rich - YES - I have had it now for about 3 weeks through a nice favor from a buddy of mine in the industry....I love it. Great stuff. I cannot believe Dio is Dr. X in this one - and you can hear all sort of Mindcrime guitar structures in there from 1988. Great stuff!

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And you didn't help me out... man... I would check on news groups from time to time, but didn't see it posted. I'd have bought it anyway...

Yeah, I like it too. Great disc!
if its like their orginal stuff from the 90's i might go pick it up, i liked every song on the 1st CD. 8)

No back to your regular scheduled JDM brainwashing. :twisted:

If you've listened to Operation Mindcrime, its like that. Good stuff.
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