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it's time to represent our cars and our crowd. I'll be there ,look for a 2001 Brilliant Black NB.

ER August 20th Event @ Homestead IPRC #5


Hey guys/gals,

there is another ER event at Homestead on the 20th of August

who's in!?

this will be IPRC #5 entry to IPRC is $3

1.) Drew
2.) Asian Brett
3.) Eric
4.) Josh
5.) Rich
6.) Andrew
7.) Jeff
8.) Jorge
9.) Vic
10.) Albert
11.) Bryce
12.) Iggy
13.) Andrei
14.) Ed (Piper)
15.) Fernely
16.) Jose (paco)
17.) Andre
18.) Manny
19.) Eli (M2-1028)

Captains are in bold

Here are the teams for this Sunday's event. Captains are the 1st name

Don Karnage and the Air Pirates
Drew Hackett
Josh Ruback
Richard Lom

Andrew Borja
Ignacio Coig
Manny Martinez

Albert Lazo
Victor Munoz
Jose Gonzalez

Maple Leafs (how gay )
Andrei Sfintescu
Jose Martinez
Andre Ramdhanny

Eric Gonzalez
Jeff Akomer
Brett Layzell

Bryce Yehl
Jorge Irala
Edward Champaigne
A day isn't a day without a wheel dilemma .

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