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hey guys i just bought a 91 brg and for the the time being was going to keep it automatic. is there any one with in a reasonable distance of Louisville KY with one for cheap?? just want it to last about 6-8 months till winter and time to do a 5spd swap.
im going to call some bone yards in the next few days but im sure i would feel better knowing its condition buying one from here,
thanks ,

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No experience with them but check:
Or Project-G out of Cali, might have a deal there.
Try Willy at good vendor to you..he is in Wisconsin

Planet Miata is out of the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre area of PA

I have already offered the swap parts to you..except for the trans because of shipping. Should be able to find a good 5 sp local to you with no problem.
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