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I'm going to ask $85 for both together. Item will be shipped from 00613 Puerto Rico. I don't mind to ship international.

If you want it separated the price will be $50 for each one.

The boost gauge is vac 30/20 boost.

I didn't take pics because I don't think that they are necessary. But will post them if someone ask for it.

I did a bit of modification to the MBC so now you will have to loose the bolt to it maximum to be able to move the pressure regulator.

They both work fine, I had them installed, but removed them to install something better.


price is + shipping.

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Allow me to show you the error of your ways...

It says:

Due to the influx of idiots who can't seem to read the rules (they're still posted at the top of the FS section, btw) anyone who posts a FS/FT ad that does not follow the rules will receive a ban for a period of one week following the offending post.

In case you can't find it (for some reason), the rules are here:

I'm giving everyone who I have seen screw up a warning...PM me and I'll unlock this when you have pics ;)
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