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Well, it actually started two weeks ago when My water pump went and peed itself. I orederd a new water pump and timing belt kit from FM and waited patiently for it to arrive. Next weekend with parts in hand and my copy of Keith tanner's book in hand I went ot and started tearing apart my engine bayto replace that pump and swap out the belts and seals. It took a long time because of various errands and trips to sears to get sockets and a breaker bar.

I only had one more part to take off: the crank pulley. I had a mighty good try for about 2 hours to get thsat woodruff key out but no go. If I couldn't get this off I couldn't change the belt. Fine, I decided, I'll just replace the pump and leave the belt and seals alone. By now I had been working for two days by myself in the hot sun so I finished up on monday after work. I put evrything back, filled the radiator and started her up...

...and she idled like a bucking bronco. I had screwed up. So I get to try and fix it on the evenings after work now. great.

My problems don't end there.

Back when i replaced my differential I ordered the parts from Mazmart. I forgot to mention that my car had ABS so they sent me non abs axles which i didn't notice untill halfway through the install, so I just pulled the abs fuse and ran without it. When Eddie decided to do the tech day at Adrenaline on the 13th I thought, "awsome, I'll get to use the lift and it'll make swapping in new axles a breeze!"

I started tying to get a hold of Mazmart to order some abs axles. I usually start by emailing them to make sure they have a part in stock but they didn't get back to me, so I called them last friday but they were too busy to help me so I called back monday and orderd the axles. I asked them for a tracking number which I just got today and I won't be getting my axles till the day AFTER the Tech Day!

It just hasn't been my car's week. :cry:

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The idle is all screwed up because when you put the timing belt back on, everything wasn't lined up correctly. It's kinda tricky I know!

Good luck with everything!
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