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the car is a 1.6l stock vlsd drive train basicly but the car has a few mods. just trying to get a rough idea of what its worth.

wear items that were replaced in the past few months
rear drivers side wheel bearing, slave cylinder, brake pads, rotors, tires and CAS


coolant rerout
ebay header
techno toy tuning testpipe
topspeed pro1 exhuast
generic cone filter on stock afm
exposed camgears valve cover just to rice it out a little more
mazda competition motor mount set


r package bilstiens
coilover sleeves sitting on c clips with rubber bushings to they dont rattle like the ground controls do
672lb front springs
350lb rear springs
isc racing 1.5" tophats all around


front 11" corrado rotors with axix ultimate pads and 1.8l caliper brackets on mtuned adapters
rear 10.9" mazdaspeed rotors with axis ultimate pads and 1.8l caliper brackets

interior has a few things

ebay deepdish steeringwheel with momo hub and nrg 2.0 quckrelease. pushes the wheel farther back but with the extra distance the driverseat is able to move back now its makes for a great seating position for people around 5' 10" - 6' 3". i only say that based on what friends have told me when driving the car. but im 5' 11" and about 220lbs and love it.

driver seat is a f1spec spoon knockoff on stock rails has a few little rips that were fixed with iron on patches ghetto but it works. and a 5 point g force camlock harness

passanger is an old grey sparco sprint in good shape. floor mounted with backing plates and stock seatbelt

harddog hardcore m1 rollbar for hardtop

radio blockoff plate from rennen metal with a aux input mounted on it and a super small amp mounted behind it so the speakers still work but the setup weighs nothing compared to the stock radio it had

hard top rear latches broke off so its only mounted with the front 2 and the sides use rennen metal bolt on latches just to be safe since the frankenstein bolts aren't doing anything

ebay short shifter with crown royal shift boot


autokonexion v1 flares
xxr 522 15x8 +0
225/45/15 toyo r1r only 2 trackdays on them so tons of life left on them
touge run garage vary knockoff lip
rx8 side flares to cover the rocker rust it had. the rust was cleaned up and stoped before they were put on but the metal wasnt patched up
white hardtop with some chips but its a good solid oem one no headliner or defroster its the early hardtop
oem tan top still on the car but hasnt been lifted up in over a year. as far as i remember it was in good shape

this is all i can remember for right now as far as whats on the car. i know there are a couple more things but its in storage and im to lazy to go to the shop right now and look it over.

ill toss in some spares with the car also. extra set of calipers, 1.6l caliper brackets, 1 extra head that is mint no hla tick, 2 extra valve covers, extra ecu, riceland coilvers to roll around on if you decide you want to revalve the bilstiens, trunk with luggage rack, stock side latches and rear latches for hardtop, oem steeringwheel with airbag, fd turbo2 front 4 pot calipers with new pads. a total of 3 i picked up for test fitting on some brackets i was making but just ended up using the mtuned after driving a car with them and realizing id never need more on stock power, spare oilpan and spare transmission.

here are some random pictures. ill get some good ones when i get around to going to the shop

this is it on the racelands sitting ricerlow tossed them on before it went to storage was going to send the bilsteins out for more aggressive valving but not if i end up selling the car. they will just go with it and the new owner can do that

front bumper has some scuffs on it. this isnt a show car its just a fun track car

drivers send fender isnt oem its an ebay one and painted flat black never got around to getting it painted also the drivers side headlight lid is smurf blue. it grew on me so never got a black on or painted it

wideband is gone thats from when the car was on a megasquirt

this is a pic of the drivers seat before the passager seat was installed and before this trunk was replaced with a oem not luggage rack one. still have this one though will come with the car also

even with the rollbar you still have lots of room to hold a tent and helmet behind the seats so its perfect for trackdays

stickers and patches on drivers seat

shitty engine pay pic from when i put the valve cover on. has a breather filter on it now


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Anyone got an idea what I should sell it for? Its got 130k miles on the chassis but the engine is a replacment I picked up from splitime on miataturbo its got about 80k miles and is still a longnose like the stock engine was.

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what is it with animals and loving climbing into fixed back seats?

Depending on rust up here I'd have no problem dropping 3500-4200 on that.

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Any rust or salt damage?

Any engine or tranny issues? Does it just look like a beater?
no real rust issues it had a problem on the sides looked like this but was stoped and cleaned up

the only reason it has the beater look is that when i picked it up it was like this.

so hood, light and fender were replaced no frame damage though. its a good running car with newer timging belt, water pump and oil pump.the engine is out of a lower mileage car to just looks like **** since i didnt care about paiting the newer stuff when i picked it up
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