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Hey-oh, to all members!

As mentioned and promised, I'm starting a new thread for my refresh/upgrade build. To re-cap some of the stuff from my first one, basically I had the BP-VE ('02 motor) swapped into my '97 shell.. along with some goodies from Maruha Motors and a lotta custom work done @ Chikara Motorsports. If by chance any of you have yet seen my last thread, here it is:

Thought it'll be easier to read through if i juz start a new one instead. So, to kick off this project that has been going on winterlong (until now still), Imma list the collective goals I have in mind for this 2nd installment of my roadster journey.. Some are already complete, but most are still in progress or have not started yet.

-block will be overbored to 1.9L with Mahle pistons for VVT engine (didn't have the dough to overhaul the used stock block, so eventully it was starting to consume oil), M-Tuned rods, and Chikara special Cams with enhanced valve train, and crankshaft modification. ;)

-custom rollbar
-sway bar
-probably up-scaling the spring rates

-fab up a pair of monoblock Brembos to replace the Outlaws.
-slotted front discs and NB sport pkg rears

-improving front splitter
-new rear diffuser
-and possibly, flat underbody panels..
(not a huge fan of gt-wings so I'll see how that goes)

Other minor stuff
-hoping to acquire a Stack ST700 display with oil and water temp option, then use the oem 90-93 oil press. gauge conversion
-fitting on the Sabelts
-quick release hub for easier access after the rollbar in
-90-93 dash with some M2-love for the interior
-up-sizing to 225/45 R888's all around

might miss a couple of things but I guess I'll juz add on as I go..

I've also attached a teaser pic of the car below. It was when it first got back from body shop after painting.. for rust-proof purposes.

*yaaaaaaaawn* getting sleepy, gonna continue the updates over the weekend. Stay tuned.. nitey! :)


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^ya man... there are a lot of work ahead, but I'm gonna try making the car ready for some late-season trackdays. Not everything has to be completed, at least a good amount to have a somewhat prep'd car. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, before the tear down, I went for a gorgeous weekend morning drive and took a few quick snaps..

gonna be the last time for a while until I'll see the engine in one piece again..

dropping the car off

aaaaand so it began!

tired old block..

carboned up chambers

head disassembly.. cams got swapped into my buddy's NB along with his BNIB Maruha VP header. (that made a considerable difference for his car, we were surprised!) Another happy roadster! :)

Rinsed up and good for full break-down and dip for de-carbonization

Block.. out goes the oil cooler and lines

Tranny, PPF, and such..

This time we dropped the whole front subframe on our specially made dolly.. no more sore backs! Everything out in a night with ease!! :D Ocean was really glad to have this dolly handly for jobs like this, totally worth it!

after bolting the now empty subframe back onto the car, we rolled it off the hoist and got it ready for interior tear down.. in order to get the custom rollbar project started !

It was getting pretty exciting because our vision of the rollbar should turn out quite good if everything goes well.. and it did imo. But for that I'll have to leave it for the next post cuz this one is getting really long from the massive pictures. (sorry)

Will post more soon, cheers!

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Thanks for all the compliments! I'll definitely try to fill u guys in regularly.

Greg, gonna skip seem welding this time, cuz budget is limited as there are lots to pay for already. LOL
I'm planning to do that in the future tho, when I do my final and ultimate build. Gonna be taking a lotta notes from the GHO build page.. in fact, some of the interior body cut out I did for the rollbar project is kinna taken from there.. but with our own twist. ;)

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From great car to sure winner. I've read your earlier but dont feel like going it through so how much hp it previously had and whats the goal?

Where do I find GHO build?

Garage Quinn Motors - GQM
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What is the compression ratio of the new pistons you will be using? Also, are you going to be milling the head at all?

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Quinn: The deck will have to be re-surfaced for sure.. These piston are not going to dictate my CR, only got these because they are BP-VE specific to yield a give a few more degrees to play with. :)
but all in all, after the CC-ing and matching with the different Maruha metal headgasket thickness selections, I'm aiming at ~11-11.3/11.5 the most? not quite decided yet as i'm still awaiting the engine assembly.

Samulis; will PM u later. ;)

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After the engine removal, immediately I started to strip the interior to visualize and collecting ideas for the rollbar fabrication. My goal is to make a bar that is a good balance between safety, rigidity, and weight. Thought through many difference layouts and came a conclusion, with some great pointers from Ocean's, that essentially it'll be a 5 point bar with 2 sidebars going to the front.

beginning to rip sh!t apart.. (hmmmmmm... notice that blue-ish cover thingie in the background, how odd)

laying out the big and small bits on the floor

the whole rear section was quite easy..

dash took longer than expected since Mazda's wiring/HVAC linkges/clips is notoriously messy and hard to get to :?

got it out in the end, never seen my cabin being so empty, who says miatas are small cars? It's so roomy now! lol

rear/soft-top section is also skinned for major reconstruction.

Meanwhile, as I was waiting for the car to be picked up to the local fab/machine shop called AMT, miscellaneous parts I've scooped here and there began to arrive.. Things such as:

pair of monoblock Brembo's that I'll have to custom fit onto my knuckles..

tow hooks

M2-1002 cluster hood

M2-1028 E-brake assembly

well, this one is quite self-explanatory.. special 1028-inspired edition! :D

However, not everything went as planned, in fact, it's was quite heart-breaking when I found out some items are not compatible with each other.. I'll talk about that in the next update.

Stay tuned..

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Rollbar cont'd

Time for the weekly update! :)

So.. since the interior was all stripped basically, I could finally begin to visualize how my rollbar is gonna be. I knew I wanted to base off the M2-1028 style 4/5-pt rollbar (with sidebars) but with no hinged joints and somewhat beefier rear element. The tubing size is also good for SCCA/solo standards.

my initial design was essentially a spec-Miata main hoop, rear bars with a single cross bar for the harnesses, and the side bars. Goes sth like this (sorry for my terrible "paint" job):

However, after some discussion with Ocean and some of my friends, I got a few valuable pointers. They thought it lacks a bit of rigidity and so we came to a better sketch incrementing the different ideas.

This is getting pretty close to what I have in mind. I'd say it's a good balance between safety, body strengthening, and weight.

Also, being inspired by the GHO body modifications as u can see from this image below

I've also desided to cut away some of the rear soft top area portions of the car to shave some weight. As of this stage, there is no going back for my car, this thought of no return gives me the mentality to even work harder to persue what I have in mind!

The car was then towed to the fabrication shop and work started soon after discussion with the shop owner.

Main hoop

...with spec-Miata style mountings

This one shows the rear "deck" area and seat belt tower cut-outs, rear bars are now on.

due to the cut out we have to incorporate the oem seat belt assembly mounting onto the rollbar as well.

and this is kinna the final shape of the bar with the seat in as a reference.

Then, we towed the car to the bodyshop of painting, for rust proofing purpose of course.

Since then, a couple of months passed while I was on a few things here and there (which will be the content of the next update). The car is painted and sure enough it was back!

Final results is pretty good considering it didn't cost me a fortune for the amount of work done by the fabricator. Props to AMT Machining and of course, the valuable inputs from Ocean and the others to my design!!

Here's the outcome :D :

It will surely serve me nicely for my car's usage for now.. in the future when I complete seam welding and full body modification then i'll use this as a base to convert it to a full cage. That's the plan anyway, it prolly won't happen in 5 years or more from now. But as of now, I'm really happy with the rollbar! Can't wait to feel what a difference it makes to the body rigidity!! :mrgreen:

On a side not, this week is gonna be an awesome one definitely as Chikara is heading to Oregon Raceway Park for a trackday. My car is not completed but I'll be driving an E30 so better than not driving at all.. lol

Will definitely post some pics/videos or whatnot.. but til next time, u guys have a great week too!

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