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but back in a miata. Way too many things happened in the past few years.
But, picked up a 95 M-edition for pretty cheap. Needs stuff, but getting there slowly. 191k, smokes on startup, but runs good and clean when warm. Going to do valve seals soon. Needs turn signals, tires, center caps, front and rear R package spoilers, and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff. Already put in my cibie headlights, a BMW e30 shift boot to replace the torn factory one, and my alfa romeo shift knob that's been laying around for a few years.
Paint started as this almost brown color..

and after some judicious polishing...merlot mica metallic.

and a shot of the car in the shop

another shot with the long-term 1975 rabbit in the background that's getting an ALH conversion from a mk4 TDI conversion.
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