... been a naughty boy on JYA again !!!

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couldn't help myself on this one, new suspesion was in the pipeline but I never expected/wanted to get something as high end as these :roll:

besides they also through pure chance match my colour scheme :D



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Wow! Are you really a new dad haha :lol:

You and Mr. Woolery are raising the bar too high for the BRGs! ;)
I sure am ... 3 hours sleep last night :shock:

I am nowhere near Woolery in the budget stakes ... ha ha ha

I am working to a very strict budget that I have now blown my lightweight flywheel/clutch set on shocks now so I will have to start saving again #-o
noice!! just need the electronic control unit for the damper setting !
noice!! just need the electronic control unit for the damper setting !
... I don't think so, my budget was mutilated by these units on their own :roll:
EDFC isn't worth the money, if you ask me. Just adds weight and a ton of extra wires to your car.
Nice one! Or should I say four? I checked the (USA) site and they don't list a Roadster application for this coilover (only RX-7 FC3S) but then I checked the site and they list both NA and NB applications. Looks like it uses 8k/7k springs. They also say something about how the shocks were designed for the NB so you'll have to adjust the spring seat but that's something I'd assume you'd do anyways. I like the mono-tube aluminum body construction but I'm not fond of the idea of adjusting both compression and rebound at the same time. Then again, I think I'd be seriously intimidated if I had to figure out how to adjust them separately with two different knobs. Some shocks even have four knobs for low and high speed compression and rebound damping! So easy to get screwed up if you don't take good notes.

Anyways, I'm sure you'll find a setting that is firm yet comfortable and gives you the handling you desire. Your setup is miles ahead of my of my ghetto MSM Bilstein/Tein spring combo. EDFC is cool if you forgot to turn your damping rates back down to soft after the auto-x but you've already packed up and left and are on the motorway with no good place to pull off. Otherwise, yeah, it's just a remote control for something that can be done manually. It's maybe convenient if you're still tuning the shocks and don't want to stop each time to make changes.
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cheers Kyle ... if I didn't manage to get hold of these at a third of the normal retail price believe me I would be running something much less impressive :roll:
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