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Well, this is me!

2000 Miata Evolution Orange Mica

Mods include:
FCM Coilovers 400/300
Flyin Miata Swaybar
Bronze 6ULs & 225/45 RS3s
Kraftwerks Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger
HD Rollbar
RB single muffler
Toyota COPs
01+ nose
01+ exhaust manifold w/DEI heat wrap
04 MSM headlights (yeah, pics is old, nose needs paint so no newer pics atm)
...some other stuff

It's now wearing a dark blue top. (Hi gesso! The black NA in the background)

Gratuitous engine bay shot

lol @ these guys

Other "roadster" project:

1974 Triumph TR6
2.5L inline 6
Dual SU 175CD-2 carbs
more to come...

its not exactly running at the moment...

I'm also on and, similar names to this one, plus NCR. I also brew beer (and recently mead,) shoot stuff, play video games, build/repair computers. I'm here to chew bubblegum, and that's about it. Maybe buy stuff on the classifieds, we'll see.

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Thanks guys! I'll have to get some updated pics here in a bit. Spent the weekend at Laguna Seca and had a hell of a time.

Megasquirt, intercooler, EV14 injectors... all sorts of goodies on the way. We proved on my friends NB that the older 2.5" Flyin' Miata turbo exhaust (muffler and midpipe w/cat) I've had in the garage for a while was just as quiet as my RacingBeat muffler and factory midpipe, so I may be getting a exhaust upgrade this weekend. It bolted up to his factory downpipe and he claims that it really woke things up. Now I just need something like an RB header and I'll be good to go. I've got a VVT head in the garage waiting for me to get my act together, but that probably won't be till this winter.

I've been looking at the RSpeed/IL 99/00-look Sport Lip for my 01+ bumper, but the TougeRun G Lip is about the same price. I can't quite handle the look of an NB nose without the some sort of lip, factory air dam or otherwise. I lost my factory lip when I gave up my NB1 bumper. It's wearing an NB2 front mask at the moment to cover my bright teal shame. Decisions, decisions. A small, functional spliter would be VERY easy to fabricate either way.

Caboose: At first I was like "LoL wut Porsche?" and then checked the pics again... Still don't get it. :fp: Is it a color thing?

Kashmir: Actually, they just happened to park there that day. Haven't been able to catch it again.

(Adam): I like your truck! I've also got a 73 F250 but I didn't think that was "CR material"

Blackdbl9NB: Thanks man! I've got some MSM goodies in the interior too... I've been trying to find a steering wheel, shift boot and vent rings to really... tie the room together. Right now its all dirty and nasty from my track day in the rain.

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Miata neighbors are always the coolest! Had one and then a Z4 hardtop M one more house over, always wanted a picture of a line up like that but all our cars were garage kept. So it couldnt happen...

Welcome! Good taste in color.

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Also, since when do I need 15 posts to PM? I was certainly sending PM's back in 2013. :stare:

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Pretty impressive numbers EO2k!
Thanks! :mrgreen:
Did you have your engine internals built up?
Yes, absolutely. There is no way in hell a stock BP is going to take that. Forged rods & pistons, boundary pump, +1 valves, etc etc etc. It was tuned by some asshole who goes by 18psi on MT who is probably banned for life over here :lol:
Did you put the turbo system together yourself or buy it as a kit?
I had ARTech built the manifold and downpipe for me and then I enlisted the help of a friend to fabricate the charge pipes and exhaust. The rest of the small parts I sourced myself. 99% of the fittings and hoses are Mocal from Bat-Inc, because Mocal is awesome.
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