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All the stuff i have listed below is located in 85013 for shipping.

These are all my spare parts that I won't be needing and keep an eye out for the HUGE partout thread to come in the future.

For now this is what I have:

Modified Rear upper control arms to help zero camber on a low car

$140 shipped -$30 for your core

NA Manual steering rack complete with Inner tie rods and perfect condition steering rack boots.


3" canister muffler.


Kia valve cover, clean and ready to paint


Center console with cupholder, shift boot and power window switch, black in good shape.


Gauge Hood Matched to Mariner Blue


1.6L throttle body with good working TPS 30 shipped

Set of 4x100 stock wheels (NO TIRES)


RX7 FC TII 4 piston front calipers fresh black paint

I have a multitude of suspension arms/parts as well that are on my spare chassis, as well as brakes and other miscellaneous stuffs

Full rear and 90% of the front subframes. If you need any stock parts or replacements for anything let me know. I'd like 15 an arm and the rest of the prices can be worked out. No pictures currently

PM is best way to contact me! Get some last minute stocking stuffers broooooos

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Dibs on cluster hood.

Have a torsen or open rear end?

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DAMN!!...I have a buddy looking for a cluster hood..and his car is a Smurf!

Let me know if Darthteddy falls thru..paypal standing by..shipped to 06708

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Is it a 91? I need the glove box and the clip it latches on to. My car was broken in to and they bent the hell out of the clip and all the screw holes on the glove box got shattered into bits

If it's black I want it. How much?
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