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Whats up guys, I have recently had some problems out of my car and i have came to the conclusion to over haul it. Heres some backround info on my car.

It is a 96 M edition, 67,000 miles on it. just replaced the head gasket, timing belt, acc belts, valves, seats, and the head was milled. well the guy that assembled it put autolite plugs in it and the one in the #4 cyl was faulty, and the electrode broke off in my cylender. now i am having nothing but problems. So i am going to set aside atleast 800 a month until this summer and do what i can to her (I will probably be able to put a little more than 800 in but this is worst case scenario). I am starting off with 500 in my miata fund and am not touching any of the money until the build.

My car has a jrsc on it now it is stock other than that, and the above stated tune up. I think 250whp is a reasonable goal for my price range, i just would like some input on how to get there!

(I already plan on boreing it .060 over so i know my walls arnt dammaged from the faulty plug)

My list so far:
.060 over forged pistons+machine work $1000
H beam rods $330
Megasquirt $500
tune by Dkgoodrich $400

So what turbo kit, powertrain, etc. will get me there on my budget?
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