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Who said Black Friday is only for stores? Black Friday deals on my hoard!

1: Customized Revlimiter Prototipo gauges setup - 350

Beige faces, ghosted warning indicators, 8 o'clock zero positions, AWD stainless panel, AWD thick rings, AWD needle caps

2: OEM NB RS cluster - 100

Only the cluster, no faces or rings

I can also offer these as individual parts, prices hereafter:

AWD thick rings - 150
AWD needle caps, will come attached to red NB needles - 150 (2 sets available)
AWD stainless panel w. OEM plastic surround and clear cover - 80
Custom KG Works copy stainless panel w. OEM plastic surround and clear cover - 40
Revlimiter gauge faces - 50. Can include the cluster "body" for 20 more, so 70 in total

3: M2 1001 aluminum pedal covers - 120
NOT the Zeromotive M2-style reproductions; the hole pattern is different in the Zeromotive ones. These include only the clutch, brake and throttle pedals, but no dead pedal cover. Will clean up nicely with some effort

4: NB Mazdaspeed A-Spec Touring Kit rear wing - 700
Rare as hen's teeth, as I have not seen one for sale since 2011. This was part of the Mazdaspeed A-Spec kit as seen on the brochure hereafter (scroll to page 3), and has an actual airfoil profile to it. Paint is a solid 9/10.

5: OEM NA yellow fog lights
These are in decent overall condition, but could do with a polish of the lenses (I can probably sort this out for you at cost). Wiring loom and switch (which are rather hard to come by these days) are included as well. - 250

Please note that all prices are in EUROS and do NOT include PayPal fees!

I also got a bunch of OEM parts around (injectors, rails, throttle bodies, idle valves, EGR valves) that I would let go for cheap.

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Most sold, still have the following:

2x sets of needles w. AWD needle caps
AWD stainless panel w. rings
MS wing
Pedal covers
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