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First off I want to apologize for this being my first post....I know that is a major faux pas. I have lurked for about a year...but now I am selling my Black Hard Top, very good shape, liner is great, wired for a rear defroster. I believe it originally came off of a 1997, had it on my 1996 for the winter. The car is going to be a dedicated autocross and summer car so I don't need it any more.

1000 dollars firm.

Also for sale 2 sets of 14 inch wheels:

1st is a set of the 7 spoke stock Miata rims. These are straight, but have some rash and are dirty. Toyo snows are mounted on them right now.
2nd is a set of 6 spoke Sport Edition alloys. These are straight and clean with no rash. There is a set of older all seasons mounted on them.

I am looking for 150 dollars for each set.

Email me at [email protected] with questions.

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At least everyone is TRYING to get IBTL. LOL

OP since you're new here (well posting wise at least) please post pics and a location....and given this is your FIRST ever post as a FS might put folks more at ease with a screenname and date in the pic. Written on a piece of paper.

Pics and location are required...the screenname and date are just advice. With the recent scam on the site it WILL help your stuff sell faster.

GLWS....I'll check back tomorrow night ;)
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