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Picked this up a couple of days ago, and posted some picks on a couple of Facebook groups to get more info and was told to join here. I’m new to the Miata scene and I only liked the car because is was blue, which apparently a rare color called Laguna Blue, color code 6w. I was also told this was a car called blue potato?

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Regardless of if it was or not, Laguna Blue is absolutely hot, and the car seems to have a lot of nice interior bits installed. Also, does it run an aftermarket/standalone ECU? I spot a non-stock IAT sensor

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Oh boy. OH BOY.
Brother, you seem to seek info, here's the info.
Either you have the blue potato, and thus have the same car featured on this Speedhunters article, the page already linked to you above, and all the articles mentioned there (including the OG Roadster magazine), or you just so happen to have found a car with same color, same rear badges, same insanely rare ZOOM center console, same insanely rare AWD gauges and please don't make me go on look at that interior shot it's the same car.
See the thumbnails.
1578923441188.png 1578923683023.png

You have an absolute gem in your hands, believe me.
Mazda MX-5 Azzurra Pit Crew.jpg Mazda MX-5 Azzurra Pit Crew .Engine.jpg
Parts that seem to be missing are the insanely rare Pit Crew front bumper (such a shame, it's a lovely thing), the Panasport rims (their current replacement seem to be Enkei RPF1 replicas), the insanely rare KG Works horn button and shift knob (though not the badge, especially oddly given the bumper it was on isn't there anymore. Why preserve the badge and sell the rest?) and all the insanely rare (you'll notice these words recurring, trust me, it's not abuse) engine bits.
Cling on to what you have left hard as you can.

I did some research.

It was sold in January 2012. A video of it in August of the same year already shows it with the stock bumper (but with a chunky lip it doesn't seem to have now), as the Pit Crew was damaged in a bumper bender, and was sold to CR user phillyb (his car below).
Same video suggests its fate followed a regular trope that haunts any Miata seller's nightmares: caring owner achingly sells beloved Miata painstakingly built over decades of parts hunting and thousands of hours of work to teenager who promptly fills it with stickers and drives into the ground blasting oomph-oomph music until his first non-strawberry-scented cloud of smoke prompts him to start the hot-potating through Craigslist ads saying "Need cash for other projects, don't have to sell".
And if you don't believe me, here's the actual ad for it listed in December 2014:

A build-ruining jackass said:
95 Mazda Miata, 1.8L, LSD, and tan leather interior, and rare Luguana blue color
Only 122 miatas in 1995 have this paint color / interior setup
Miata R-package rear spoiler from Japan
Hard Dog chrome roll bar
Kenwood headunit with AUX chord and USB
fire extinguisher equipped
Very 1st R.S. Aizawa Individual Throttle bodies in the U.S. Imported from Japan.
Rspeed fire braided fuel lines
NGK spark plugs and wires
Racing Beat 4-1 header from Japan
Pitcrew Racing (dual center back) exhaust from Japan
full wire tuck
1" sway bars front and back with poly bushings
OEM strut bar
balanced and lighted OE flywheel, stock 5 speed
indepedent double wishbone setup with Koni yellow shocks with Ground Control coilovers and Eiabach springs
Professionally and Locally dyno tuned on Megasquirt pnp 2
Sportmax 001 wheels 15x9 (rare size and discontinued) from Japan
seats have speakers in headrest that sound amazing.
All the AC components are removed and stored in my garage
KG Works vintage Mazda emblems throughout
Nardi Classic wood grain steering wheel
KG Works gauge cluster
wood grain interior package
Nakama vintage Console, center switches, and leather door grips
Mazda LE speaker grills from Japan and rosewood brake handle
AWD Maruyama guage faces, needle caps, and a/c panel.
aftermarket convertible soft top with glass window, zero leaks from Japan
Rspeed Fuel/ratio gauge
I.L. Motorsport vintage slider mirror, vent rings.
I.L. Chrome Hydraulic Hood Props
Oem hood with Chrome windshield squirters
Oem shift knob
stock seatbelts
Good-Win Vented Turn signals
pulled and rolled fenders
Front and back bumper quick releases
Rear lip and side skirts
no front lip
K.G. Works Alfa Romeo side mirrors and chrome fuel lid from Japan
Zoom Engineering side marker and rear fog lamp
metal antenna
completely rust free
new thermostat
new starter
new radiator hoses
new battery
heat works
no power steering
There is probably stuff I'm forgetting but that's everything I can think of.
A lot of the parts are extremely hard to find.
143xxx original miles
Car has been featured in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, Miata Magazine,,, 1320,Killboy,,, and Club Roadster Magazine twice. Also Car has its own website on what inspired the build.
Dyno pull video:
Need cash for other projects or will trade for something equal value. Don't have to sell so 8500 or best offer. Email only please. Thank you for looking.
"Luguana Blue". "Luguana blue". Jesus Christ.
Anyhow, that dyno video shows new wheels, yet another lip, and XXR rims the ad seems to be trying to sell you as just as rare and JDM as the rest of the parts (which... no.). From what I can tell, all the fancy engine bits are there, bar the radiator cooling panel: the valve cover and strut bar have been painted black (as the valve cover seems to have been originally), so the owner must not have fancied the flashy colors of the stickers. Another video from the channel (warning: mute it before playing. There are no loud noises, it just unironically features Tuesday; yes, that Tuesday) gives us a better look: the horn button is still there, though the shift knob isn't, and it sports a carbon hood, while you seem to have gotten the original. The channel also hosts a video of it autocrossing, only worth watching to take a guess at what equipment it must have been filmed with. My guess is a webcam whose box loudly proclaims "WINDOWS XP COMPATIBLE!!!" attached behind a keyhole with sellotape repeatedly ran in front of the lens. (seriously, go have a laugh).

Also, you know I mentioned Craigslist hot-potating? It was no joke: the guy who put it up for sale doesn't seem to be the guy who bought it in 2012. This thread suggests he bought it around June 2014 and put it for sale in December.

I don't have time to go through all that thread right now though. If you want to, be prepared for a solid 75% of the posts being circlejerking mockery.

Do you have, or can you get, any other info about its life prior to your purchase that would explain its current state and how it got in your hands?

The build's website has been already linked to you, but if you want to contact its original owner mail is [email protected]

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Ok, so apparently I'm a perfectionist. I capped the limit of editable posts in a week.
So here's something I wanted to add to my previous post but couldn't:
Phillyb doesn't have that Pit Crew anymore. He sold it, and it got to CR user xcoldricex. He put it up for sale in 2016, but posted this in March 2018:
xcoldricex said:
"i have the original blue potato nose if you want to reunite it with the blue potato!"
Of course, this is still nigh on two years ago, so that could easily not be the case anymore.

Working our way through all the rest of the information I found in a nice, chronological fashion:

The car was put up for sale again in March 2013.
the March 2013 ad said:
I have a 95 miata
Laguna blue
1.8l with r.s. aizawa itb setup
Tuned on hks fcon pro ecu runs and drives good once warmed up
not super fast till you get on a moutain. Love this car just testing the waters. Car has 140k tac quit at 138k. I did not build the car myself a local shop called rspeed built the car along with the previous owner.I've had the car for about 2years. I've taken it on many trips to meets hours of driving at a time. Ground control coilovers
Racingbeat headers
Pitcrew dual center back exhaust
hardtop with spoiler
chrome gas cap cover
Chrome side mirrors
effect wheels 15×8 0 offset
Polished roll bar (hard dog)
Custom interior done by items bought off rev9
Nardi classic wheel
leather seats
Kg works cluster

Mostly only wanting to trade for another fun car, rwd only no Hondas please I like Mazda, Subaru, Nissan , older Toyota , bikes ,drift cars anything worth wile.Make an offer. txt or call
This guy was reportedly a "drifter troll". The car was acquired through the trade of a 240.
A couple days later someone met the new owner.
atank said:
So yesterday I was driving home from work, and halfway home I see what appears to be the Blue Potato (what are those odds, from Atlanta to Dalton), I go on home, get in my Roadster and drive to where I saw the Blue Potato, Lo and Behold, it is the B.P, hood up, doors and trunk opened. I get out and a young guy comes out of the house, I proceed to talk to him about his new Roadster, and the deal he made for it. I walk around inspecting the B.P, its taken a whole lot of abuse, the body is beat to hell, can't even see the underside because its on the ground (hellaflush), Jake (the new owner) was working on getting the ITB's tuned, the idle air control was off, they were all good except #3 it needed some more fine tuning. Jake traded his Nissan 240SX on the B.P., and he loved it so far, I left him with a sticker, and a card, I hope to see him here soon. I offered my help, and told him I will be in touch, and maybe we will do a run up the mountain...............soon. I think if its not raining today I will go back over with my tools, camera, and help him wrench on it today. Will post pictures tomorrow if all goes well.
He eventually sold it in March 2014, trading it for (you'll never guess) a 240SX. Jesus.

This is relevant, though, because the guy who surfaced in the forums in June as its owner claims to have traded it for an Accord. This means there was another owner in the middle. It was for sale again at the very end of April, and looked to still be for sale by the end of May. The next owner must've gotten it then.
Dmn2258 said:
this car went from Peter to Gil (who wrecked the pit crew front end, and traded this for a RB20 S13). Then it seems its gone through 2 or 3 different owners since then, maybe because the tune was fucked from what I heard.
[Regarding the tune, it might be relevant to note: this car sported ITBs that were I believe the only ones of their like in the entire US; people flew over from Japan just to tune them. All for the "first new owner" to screw it all up by (reportedly) selling the cams and putting stock ones back in. And because he wasn't fitting the archetype of the build ruiner well enough, he decided to fix that by throwing a GReddy piggyback into the bonnet and call it a day.]

This is all the relevant info its new owner posted, all around June 2014.
the owner in various separate occasions said:
"-Got Outfitter filters for my itbs and melted one the 1st day I got them on the auto x track due to backfiring. A new one is on its way.
-Also trying to decide on a good camber kit because I ran through a set of steelies in 3 runs because of camber wear
-I need something to hold my hood up too probably going to go with a hydraulic hinge.
-Trying to maintain this car, It also has a huge rip on the inside of the soft top I'm getting sewed up Friday."

"Got new tires yesterday. [...] Going to raise my car a little too"

"It burns or leaks like a quart every few weeks :cry:"

"Question for the ones who know a lot about our motors. I feel like my oil catch can fills up with oil too fast. Anybody know what the problem could be? (on a serious level) I just got a new pcv valve from Mazda hoping it would help because that's the only thing they suggested. But It still fills up to quick."

"I have been working on the car constantly since I've got it and the only thing it could use is some minor body work and maybe a rebuild but doesn't need that yet. Its really not in as bad shape as everyone makes it out to be."

"The duals are still there just cant see them in picture."
Given his mention of a "camber kit", he was warned:
miatapasta said:
Hey man, just a tip - camber kits don't exist for a Miata (well they technically do in the form of adjustable control arms, but that's for mad camber sweg). It's all in the alignment. If the shop tells you they can't align it to the specs you want (try the FM specs if you're gonna raise it) then tell them good day and leave to find another one.
And he answered that post with what I'd call a decently worrying reply.
the owner said:
I'm not sure what the previous owners did to get crazy camber but in the rear it looks like they moved a piece, drilled a new hole and bolted it there
P.S. There was drama over him not wanting to send phillyb the Pit Crew plaque the car featured, which he wanted sent as the frontend was now on his car. Someone offered to cover shipping. Guess what, the guy refused. (Pretending you care about my two cents... while not perhaps inherently unreasonable, such a request does commend manners the guy seems genetically incompatible with. “Do you still have that plaque? I want it.” is not a “very pleasant manner” to ask for someone to give you something they have for free.)

On June 30 someone posted a link to a Craigslist ad saying "Selling it already?"
Now, the link is obviously dead, because no one EVER archives ads on before posting them,
but thanks to the discussion that followed we have a couple quotes, like "Has one several awards and features" and "Was sold for $12,800 2 year ago" we know it's a different ad from the December 2014 one (it's also a different URL). But stuff like the outrageous spelling of "Laguna blue", the insistence on claiming those XXR wheels are to be considered part of the car's plethora of drool-worthy parts, and both the ads being from Nashville suggest to me that the two ads were written by the same person.

Nobody seemed to be happy about the $6000 price tag, by the way.
"If you get $5000, consider yourself incredibly lucky to have found someone willing to take that mess." was near the kindest comments.

Whichever way it went, in March 2015 a new owner surfaced.
LordVenison said:
Over the years the Blue Potato has undergone many transformations and many owners. I have read up on it and researched it very well before I made my decision to purchase it and what history this car has had which is very public.

When I purchased it from the previous owner, I was able to drive it for only 3 weeks before the engine was completely flooded with gas and the tune practically stripped the piston rings until all four cylinders were running on 120 pounds of compression.

So instead of getting angry at the previous owner, and dumping the car and giving it to someone else, I am hoping to restore it to its former glory.

I have many projects for this car, the first of which is being undergone right now.

1. Completely rebuilt bottom end
2. Reset it to normal camber
3. Take those damn stickers off
4. Supercharge

I hope to restore it to its former beauty, but I need ideas from others who have seen or have heard of the Blue Potato.

Or anyone for that matter who has constructive ideas for this cars future.
That announcement was followed by three years of what, for all I can tell, was complete radio silence, until, in February 2018, someone resurfaced in much the same fashion.
Cowboyeye said:
I bought the blue potato today. My son and I plan to right many wrongs and bring her back closer to her glory days. May not be a perfect restore as some of the parts including the ITBs have been sold. We’re trying to track them down now with the help of the former owner. We’ll keep you posted.
This, again for all I can tell, didn't really end up happening.
We did manage to get a report on the conditions, though:
Cowboyeye said:
It’s really not so bad. Peeled the decals off, put a pit crew dual center exhaust on, tuned nicely. Small body issues but nothing major. Still naturally aspirated and considering putting ITBs back on it. Leather, interior, top all in good shape.
He said he bought the full silicone set from Silicone Intakes in March 2018, and that he put the dual exhausts back on (I found no info on when or why they were ever taken off in the first place), and unless I missed something that's all that's been said about it until five days ago, when someone made a new- oh wait that's you sorry.

So What?

As far as I see it, if you have any consideration for the history and relevance of this build, you have three options.

One, partout, as lots of people in the thread were rallying for:

Justdrumin said:
This is such a sad existence. Honestly, the car should be parted out because it will never be what it once was and no one will EVER be satisfied with a new owners vision. I suggest that if you're really into roadsters then just buy a cheaper base model and make it your own. That way you cant go wrong :p
MOABmiata said:
Yes. Please. 1) It will do this car a service to let it die, 2) will get the rare parts into hands of enthusiasts who will care for them, and lastly 3) you will make more money than you would trying to sell the car outright.
Only problem? It does require work.
Two, pulling incredible mechanical knowledge out of your hat (or out of your wallet) and becoming the Internet’s hero by restoring the car to its former glory, as another set of people have been rallying for:
Malibu Q said:
Guess it seems too expensive in America. I don't think so. Provenance is such an important aspect of classic cars. When I think of the most collectible American Miatas, the Blue Potato is most definitely on the list. One of you guys should buy it and document the restoration here. It'd make you famous amongst Miata folk forever. It's good value.
Only problem: this is what people have been trying to do for some six years now (with varying degrees of seriousness, of course, but still). This is a task. This is buying an old amp to fix it up and finding out it’s actually a Russian spying device. Hell, not even that: this is buying a broken tape deck to fix it up and finding out it’s not the belts. Can you confidently say that whatever you do won’t be a hack job the potential next owner will pull his hair in front of?
It doesn’t seem like it to me. I mean, all I know is that you're new to Miatas and only bought the car because of the color, things that alone say very little, but do kind of paint a picture, you'll excuse my assumptions.
Not saying this in a negative connotation, nobody’s born an expert. Pretty much everyone needs a “learning car”. This is not a learning car though. Learning wrenching on this is learning coloring on a sketch by Stan Lee.
The world is full of friendzoned* Miatas to which even a botched up ghetto-ass budget restoration would be a blessing. Not this.
revlimiter said:
Dude. You have a former supermodel. She doesn't need to be tarted up with lipo and fake tits. She just needs rehab.
Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but as you’ve seen I did my research. I’m not the only one saddened at the degrading of this once great build. Many others agree they don’t want to see another inexperienced guy bite off more than they can chew. Not that anyone can forbid you from doing what you want with it, of course, it’s your car. But the general consensus is it deserves a degree of respect and love not anyone can muster.
*never treated harshly, but certainly not loved

Three, try and sell it for a profit.

I might just know a guy with bank, means and interest to get it from you and actually follow through with that whole “former glory” bullshit. I can't grant it's any likely he'll be interested, but if he is enough to offer you what you paid for and you can manage to snatch something more off him, you might've found yourself the easiest money you'll ever have seen. Hit me up.

These are all the sources I used, so if you want to do your own research you know you don't have to read these because I already summed up all the relevant info here for you:
NA Pitcrew part out: JDM and other high quality parts!
[NA] Pit Crew conversion in Austin - MX-5 Miata Forum
Blue potato rescue |
Replace Those Old Brittle Rubber Hoses |
Something Different -- 1990 Eunos Roadster Pit Crew Racing Conversion, JDM, RHD - MX-5 Miata Forum
New Blue Potato owner - MX-5 Miata Forum
The Blue Potato surfaces again...... - MX-5 Miata Forum
The Blue Potato - 1995 Mazda Miata - Marietta, GA
Investment-grade miata for sale |
1991 Pit Crew Mazda Miata 1.8 swap JDM RARE
Burning oil - MX-5 Miata Forum
Looks like the Old Blue Potato is up for sale/trade..........

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Wow, that was a lot of reading. Regardless of what custom work was done to that car in the past does not change the fact that it is just an old miata now. Its not a one off or some crazy concept vehicle. It will never be worth more than any other old Miata. I say enjoy it, do what you like with it and don't let keyboard warriors tell you what to do with your personal property. I have a 1 of 300 Canadian 93 LE and if anyone told me what I should or shouldn't modify on it Id tell them to politely go [email protected]#k themselves.
If the custom work that was done to that car in the past was so special or meaningful to its builder it wouldn't be in you hands now. Play, have fun and learn if that's what you want to do. Miatas are all about fun. Zoom zoom

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Wow, that was a lot of reading. Regardless of what custom work was done to that car in the past does not change the fact that it is just an old miata now. Its not a one off or some crazy concept vehicle. It will never be worth more than any other old Miata. I say enjoy it, do what you like with it and don't let keyboard warriors tell you what to do with your personal property. I have a 1 of 300 Canadian 93 LE and if anyone told me what I should or shouldn't modify on it Id tell them to politely go [email protected]#k themselves.
If the custom work that was done to that car in the past was so special or meaningful to its builder it wouldn't be in you hands now. Play, have fun and learn if that's what you want to do. Miatas are all about fun. Zoom zoom
Did I not say...
As far as I see it, if you have any consideration for the history and relevance of this build, you have three options.
If he doesn’t, he can do what he pleases. I don’t own the car and don’t feel I acted like it.
Also, as I detailed, it was, quite literally, a one-off. It might’ve lost some of what made it special, but it’s still the same car many people were inspired by and looked up to.

In addition, regarding the owner, allow me to quote someone who might be more knowledgeable about his reason and feelings behind the sale than you.

Going to post something just to get some things off my chest. First, there are many reasons why I sold the tater long ago...personal reasons I feel are private to me and the people who invested blood, sweat and tears on every part on that car....and will leave it at that. Needless to say, it was very hard on me for at least a year after selling it. To this day, I miss the car and when I stayed away from any postings or even speaking to people about the car or the accident or treatment to the car. And of course I heard what Gil did to the car. Many of you may or may not know this, but I had good dialogue with him and his dad when I sold it to him that he said would take care of it. Clearly that did not happen and I now I must bear the weight of that mistake and just naivety on my part. If I could change that I would, but I have since moved on just to get away from it all.
Again, he himself underlined it’s just a car, and it’s just my natural inclination to preserve and restore objects of interest (mostly down to my upbringing, personality, passions, and in a way my birthplace) that makes me believe the car’s history should be taken into account when deciding where to go next. But the guy can do what he wants with it if he doesn’t care about that. And if he really wants to go ahead and restore a car a good half dozen people have thrown their towel on, props to him.
I can and will, however, after seeing it done like four solid times, flip the **** up if he leaves no goddamn record of whatever it is he does. Jesus Christ, what the hell does it take? Come in here once a month at most, write two goddamn lines about what it is you’ve fucking done, and that’s literally all you ha- [angry ranting continues for several minutes]

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This hasn't been The Blue Potato since Peter sold it, plain and simple. I think there are a certain type of person that would have truly cared for this car properly but clearly no such person has owned it.

I hope the new owner finally gives this LB the love it deserves but based on the cars history I'm not holding my breath. OP hasn't even returned. I truly hope I'm proven wrong.

P.S.-The new forum format is so bad.:poop:
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