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1. Finish dual beam headlights
2. Duct grille to heat exchangers, and heat exchangers to the outside
3. Reduce underbody drag starting at the front and back.
4. Build and Install sequential shift light.
5. Install Hella Rally 3000s in front bumper like the C5R or Team Oreca viper.
6. Convert hand brake to hydraulic and mount handle vertically
7. Get dash flocked
8. Move intake to the coldside and duct to cowl.
9. DIY turbo kit. (this is going to be one of the last steps)
10. Convert gauge lighting to red, replace oil press and coolant temp gauges with real units.
11. Modify pedals (and whatever else) to reduce freeplay and travel.

Random Parts
1. Cobra Imola x2
2. Simpson 6pt x2
3. Hardtop
4. Mazdaspeed LSD or Torsen
5. Ground control or FM springs
6. Oil filter relocation (I can reach it easy, its the oil spillage that bothers me.)

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sweet! more projects! try to make some vids on the install on some of the stuff if you can. how to stuff
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