BossFrog Rollbar, KG Works Spoiler, 1.8 Engine

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Got some parts i no longer need.*

-97 1.8 Blown engine - $150
90k miles. May not even be blown. No idea. Was driving and then it suddenly died. Just turns over but doesnt fire. Was told it might be a blown headgasket or something simple, but i have no idea, but perfect for the head, valve cover, or a turbo build. Just the longblock, no accessories

-KGWorks spoiler that comes with the hardware. Perfect condition. Only needs 3M tape. SOLD!

-Boss Frog Clearview Maxx Roll Bar powdercoated white with brand new hardware in bag i never got around to swapping with old old hardware. -*SOLD*

Pickup is in Lawrenceville GA.
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if your willing to ship the roll bar im seriously interested will it clear the soft/hardtop?
Answer here
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